Sheila's Teachers (about 33)

I consider my chado teachers to have been the introductory ones who inspired me to continue (Koster, Nado, Bartlett), the ones who later patiently moved me along (Cadwallader, Torigai, Takahara), and the one (Soyu Nabeta) who carried me to chamei. With permission, I have sought out other teachers, even for brief contact, and each has been a precious influence.

A Japanese man at John Toler’s Rinzai Zen temple Sogen-In, Ouda-cho, Nara Ken, Japan, Summer 1992, introduced me to folding fukusa, hirademae, miso no dana.

Masumi Koster, Houston (1st 3 beginner’s licenses, 1993); 2x/mo for several years

Noriko Takayama, Houston (after Koster Sensei went to England)

Ron Nado, Kyoto, Japan (Bonryaku series)

Masumi Iwase Kuwayama, Osaka, Japan

Christy Bartlett, Houston & San Francisco (several lessons at both locations through the years)

Midorikai (2 years June 96–June 1998 on scholarship, 3X/week + 5X/week during school vacations). Also as a visiting student for short periods, e.g. one month, July 1995. Gary Cadwallader, Torigai, Alexandre, John McGee, Sato, Nishi, Kobayashi, Elliott Michinik (ICI), Chida, Hashimoto, Bruce Hamana, Ebina, etc. (next 5 licenses, May, 1998)

Soei (Randy Chanell), Kyoto, Japan

Eiko Osaki, Nara, Japan

Glenn Pereira, Boston & Santa Fe

Kathy Lyons & Austin Babcock, Santa Fe

Jennifer Anderson, La Selva, CA

Matsumoto, Los Angeles

Reiko Sugita, Seattle

Saito, San Diego

Bonnie Mitchell (Soshin), Seattle

Keith Snyder, Vancouver

Scott McDougall, Green Gulch Zen Farm, California

Noriko Takahara, Austin, Nov. 20, 1998–July 28, 2000 (1 year, 8 months)

Machiko Kobayashi, Tokyo, Fall 2005 (several weeks)

Keiko Nakada, Albuquerque

Nabeta Tanaka (Soyu), Dallas, Sept. 2000–March 2006 (5.5 yrs, 3 teaching certificates & chamei). Moved to Detroit so occasional contacts.