Lessons and Events

Please use the “contact” on menu bar above to schedule a lesson or presentation.


We make presentations for museums, schools and organizations, and for special events at a home or meeting room. The fee varies according to options chosen (below), number of guests, distance, etc. For groups larger than six, please schedule at least one month in advance so that we can arrange for trained assistants. Presentations may include one or more of these components:

  • Illustrated lecture: either an overview or with a focus on philosophy, traditional crafts, tea gardens and architecture, etc.
  • Presentation of an authentic tea ceremony
  • Up to thirty guests are served matcha tea and a Japanese confection.

A Taste of Tea

An introduction to Chado and the guest role while partaking of tea and sweets during an authentic tea ceremony. Fee varies with options arranged with the teacher.


Beginning students learn the bonryaku temae, tray procedure, which can be used in any season. Bonryaku is the foundation for the many variations created for different seasons and occasions.

You may choose the ryurei style, seated on a stool at a low table, or the traditional seiza style, upright kneeling position, on tatami floor. Please wear comfortable clothing that covers the knees and white socks; no swinging jewelry or strong scent.

Beginner Series

In a 10-week series, learn to host friends and family with the bonryaku temae.
Fee is $250 per person; tea and Japanese confections are included.

Ongoing Private or Group Lessons

Learn additional temae (procedures), and the history of Chado.
Fee is $25 per person; tea and Japanese confections are included.