International Interests

Japan: See Japanese Interests. India: Readings in Hinduism since 1960. Have practiced yoga, chanting, and meditation. Published research on meditation. Trips to northwestern, northeastern, & southern India respectively in 1999, 2000, & 2001. Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimages.

Trip to China (International Women’s Conference), Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Thailand (stayed in Buddhist forest monastery) in 1995. Readings in Buddhism since 1964. Member Austin Zen Center. Received vows & Zen name Jikei from Shohaku Okamura Sensei.

Trips to Europe (1960 & 1979); Israel and Greece 1990, Russia 1999, Peru 2003, Tanzania 2004. Sponsoring 3rd Tanzanian girl through high school.

Trips to Egypt (2008), Australia (Parliament of World Religions) & New Zealand, 2009, Ireland (Celtic Journey), 2010.