Sheila Sensei began studying and giving presentations on ChaDo and other aspects of Japanese culture in 1992. She has taught Chado since about 1998. She received 13 licenses and 4 teaching certificates, including Junkyoju, the first degree teaching certificate from the Urasenke Foundation, Kyoto. She was given the tea name Soshin. Her 27 years of research, teaching, and service for cross-cultural understanding led to her being honored with the Bridge of Friendship Award by the Japan America Society of Greater Austin in 2019.

Dr. Fling also taught university chemistry (10 yrs) and psychology (30 years). Upon retirement from Texas State University she was designated a Distinguished Professor Emerita. With the PhD in Clinical Psychologist from UT Austin, she also worked with children, adults, and elders in hospitals, clinics, and private practice. She has lectured and led workshops on holistic health, communication skills, meditation/contemplation, world religions, etc. Her publications include such topics, as well as Chado.