Personal Bio

Meditation path in woods at Sheilas
Meditation path in woods at Sheila’s

Influenced by her parents’ love of the world and its cultures, Dr. Sheila has traveled in 34 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. She has called “home” Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia, New York, Kentucky, Washington, & Japan. Since 1981, she has enjoyed country living near Wimberley, TX. She thrives on being with friends, nature, & most kinds of music, especially classical music. Fast-walking in the hills, yoga, photography, & handcrafts are other pleasures. Dr. Sheila’s active in St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and deepens and broadens her Christian experience with study of other world religions. Asian cultures have been a lifetime interest. For some of her Japan-related activities, click here. The tea ceremony has become a “way of life” for her. For pictures and information on the tea ceremony, click on the Chado button on the menu bar.